Do young Entrepreneurs find it difficult to search their soul mate?

Being single is not by choice for a lot of young entrepreneurs but it is the fact of life they have happily adopted while perusing business as a priority which gives them very less time in socializing and searching for a compatible match.

Entrepreneurs are not any other person you could be meeting every day. They eat, sleep, drink and breathe business 24 hours 365 days. They are one of those who are solely responsible to generate profit even after bearing all the pay checks, monthly bills and build a sustainable business with an aim. One cannot separate an entrepreneur from his business; even when they are not working physically their minds are continuously thinking about their business which is inseparable.

Business is so much so been a part of their lives that every casual relationship they pursue is just another business opportunity for us and hence experience failures in relationships or find it difficult to see a compatible match.

In a relationship there is always a need of spending time together and think beyond perfection. However lot of entrepreneurs fail to dedicate time in searching and knowing the right person. At times even if they have found the right person they find it difficult to maintain the life and work balance which eventually fails at some point of time.

In a recent conversation with a young entrepreneur Mr. Justin Sebastian – CIO of a start-up is one of those who always say “CEO never sleeps”, he has his own experience to share in regards to the struggle entrepreneurs face while searching for a suitable match. According to him this scenario gives an equal share of responsibilities to the girls who are seeking a compatible match. However they have few criterions based on which they prefer not to marry a business man.

  • 1. Girls prefer their partners to have a stable 9:00 to 5:00 job specifically a government job which gives a confidence of job as well as finance stability.
  • 2. Owning a business keeps an entrepreneur away from the routine life hence no time for wife, which females find annoying and makes them feel being avoided and not a priority.
  • 3. As mentioned earlier an entrepreneur eats, sleeps, drinks and breathes he even talks, walks and dreams business; this being one of the reason relationship and family takes a back step and other major responsibilities being compromised.
  • 4. Being gadget freak you will find him always busy with a laptop and a phone always discussing business with vendors, customers, users, partners, investors etc.
  • 5. Ad-hoc working hours and not being able to give time to family gives an image of an irresponsible partner.
  • 6. Starting a business being miss-understood with not capable of getting a well paid job.
  • 7. Not being able to make to a social gathering and removing time for business meets makes him pricy and business minded personnel among family and friends.

“Not denying these facts however one who leaves a job and starts his own business is strong headed personnel. It takes a lot of courage and self-confidence on one’s own capability to come out of a comfort zone and start a new venture from scratch which requires extra efforts then the routine job, which has instability in profit or incomes until the business is at a stable stage. Well marrying an entrepreneur has a few perks but yet it requires a strong headed female who understands the importance of career and gives time for the relationship to nurture over the period of time and in fact try to be a helping hand rather than a hindrance”, further ads Mr. Sebastian.

Well pursing a relationship with an entrepreneur is not at all a bad decision it is just the matter of understanding and prioritizing for both in order to make the relationship work.

Author: Auralyn C, Content Writer –

Auralyn is a Digital Marketer and a freelance Content Writer, writes on various topics such as Fashion, Business, Technology, current affairs and many more while sharing her views on behalf of the new generation.