Is he or she the right person for you? Tips to avoid marrying the wrong person


In the ordeal of searching for the life partner it becomes really difficult to make a judgemental decision as in why is that person Mr. or Miss. right for you. This is typically a tough decision to make as every person have their own perspective to deciding the right and wrong for themselves so does it go while making the decision of marrying the right person.

After noticing the struggle people face while choosing the right match, I tried listing all the possible points which would help them make a decision for their life.

Do not expect the person to change:

It has often been noticed that people expect their partners to change once they are married and the continuous indulgence while taking each other for granted ends up at a bad note. Well let’s go back to the time when you had to make the decision of marrying that person. What qualities gave you the confidence that he/ she is the right person for you. Do not marry the person with an expectation of changing them once you are married, cm’on if you cannot accept the person how you can expect to live your life with that person. You have probably made the wrong decision. So avoid this mistake and accept the person as he or she and if they change on their own with time which is obvious it is a win win for both. However do not make it a mandate to change the other person.

What is most important for you:

One often compromises on the character over compatibility. Though having a compatible wavelength and chemistry is important. Character leads them both which include humility, kindness, sense of responsibility and caring.

Understand the fundamental needs of each other:

Women usually expect love and affection from her partner, whereas men expect respect and appreciation. It becomes a must for any other person in a relationship to make sure the other is happy and to an extended intimacy.

Prioritize and respect each other’s life goals:

Before getting committed in a relationship or selecting it is better to know their life goals and respect the same. Respecting your partner’s profession and life goals and helping him or her to achieve them has been proved to be an affectionate gesture and strengthening the relationship. While selecting a life partner make sure if you are fine with their work profession, life goals and odd working hours. Do not prove to be a hindrance for them to achieve their life goals. Hence it is wise to talk and prioritize each other’s passions, goals and aims.

Try to be Transparent:

When in a relationship try to be as transparent as possible in terms of discussing and sharing all the tensions and worries. Even if there is any misunderstanding it is better to have an open discussion rather than keeping things to yourself and let things get piled up in your mind which may later cause destruction while ending up at a bad note. Hence it is advisable to be as transparent as possible and share your thoughts and emotions.
Well to foster a successful marriage life, mutual and spiritual bonding is a must also they are the key to any healthy relationship and marriage life.

Author: Auralyn C, Content Writer –