Love Is The Most Beautiful Thing On Earth

Love has a lot of meaning and it differs from one person to another. Love only does not mean the feeling that is shared by a couple. But, love is defined in a lot ways and it holds a different meaning and significance in each one’s life. Love is one of the most special feelings in the world. Everything that is done is always done with a feeling of affection and emotions. One is always inclined towards the people they love. Now, love can be shared in between any two people. There is one very special element of love; the element is that one tends to pick small fights with people they love. The reason for picking these fights can be many. The fights usually are against small issues.

Let us look at some reasons that make people fight with people they love.

  • We tend to spend more time with our loved ones. Thus, we have a complete idea of their nature and behavior. People pick fights whenever they see any sort of change in the. They are used to the usual behavior of the person so any slight change makes them want to fight with them. It is known fact that people have a low level of tolerance for the negative qualities of the ones they love.
  • The second reason why people pick fights is because of the fact that they think their loved ones would never leave them and go even if they have constant fights and issues, this makes the people get angry or upset at little things with their loved ones. They automatically expect their loved ones to take care of their feelings and emotions. We do not fight with people who are not close to us easily as we fear that they might judge us or make fun of us or make us feel bad about things.
  • It is also a proven fact that we do not wish to be mean with unknown people, but it is easier for a person to take up fights and arguments with the people who are close and matter to us, the probable reason could be that we always take our closed ones for granted. We do not think much before we fight with them even for the smallest of issues.
    Loved ones know us inside and out so they also have a complete idea about the other person’s mood and temperament and they tend to cool us down rather than picking up another fight.
  • Apart from the fact that one picks up fights with people they love, it is also a known fact that people are also more likely to cheat on the loved ones more often. The reason being that we take them for granted and feel that an apology later can fix things up. Now, the degree of cheating on the loved ones could vary from person to person.

We have tried to mention a few points that help one understand the psychology about human behavior.