Real Love is the Mixture of Fate and Chemistry

No one in this world wants to live a complicated life. But a human is a complicated life form and so knowingly or unknowingly he makes things more complicated. Even simple things get complicated by him or her. But as a person, he knows it very well that both life and love are not so complicated.

Love is not a difficult concept to realize or understand- at least it is not so difficult to understand it in theory. Romantic love life means the feeling of getting connected to someone mentally, physically and spiritually, to take care about the person you love, Sometimes becoming possessive or obsessive over him or her slightly. Things or in the sense matter gets worse and messy, when we start practicing love in a wrong manner. So the following points are necessary to get the real love mixed with fate and chemistry.

1) Different Kinds of Love:
For each and every individual the meaning of Love varies, For example for some people it is fascinating, for some it is adventure and for some it is the greatest gift of life. The emotions of love are quite unique and universal; and this is because the love is different from others because the individual himself is different from others.

2) Triggering Emotional Responses:
When two individuals are in love with each other, the responses are very natural and important to be triggered by both the individuals, that in scientific or biological terms by the general public normally it’s called as chemistry.

3) Love Gets Complicated:
Beyond the individuals’ private first choices, we are adding all the difficulties inherited by us in the mutual love. So that is why, it is really making matters worse, complicated and hard to handle.

4) Maintaining The Balance Between The Love:
Happiness and sadness are the both sides of the same coin are said by some people. Actually, it is balance that is used in life and also in love. For example, you love someone and you don’t get the same love in return makes you sad. But when you are enjoying the fruits of love and fulfilling our internal desires makes us happy. So it is wisely said by some, in order to feel the happiness, sadness is much necessary. It is so inescapable feature of love and life.